Monday, April 12, 2010

Cruise 2009

Right after Ben and I got married, we were invited on a Caribbean cruise with all of his family and some of their extended family (minus the little kids). It was so fun to spend time with his family and get to know them and I thought the Princess cruise line was fantastic!!

Here are some pictures from the trip:
(oops, no picture of the whole group... there were lots of us though!)

We spent a night in Florida before we sailed off. Here are a few of us playing some card game or other waiting to leave the hotel (notice the swe-ot matching shirts)

I'm so excited
Goodbye Florida...
Hello cruise!!

Us at one of the ports

This day was so fun. Mark and Amy, Brett and Carrie, Daniel and Riki, and Ben and I all rented these fun scooters and rode around the island

I thought it would be really cool to get a "riding" picture so I whirled around and took this. Well when I whirled around we nearly got in an accident and I wasn't allowed to turn around anymore... Haha

Ben snorkeling on the prettiest beach I have ever seen
This picture really doesn't do it justice... the water looks dark, but it was the prettiest blue and when you stood in it, it was clear you could see your foot perfectly!

Check out the color of that water

"Whoa... that's a really big butt!" (Finding Nemo)

This trip was so fun for us. Looking back at my pictures I am realizing that we only took our camera out one, maybe two days... We were too busy, soaking up the sun, snorkeling, playing card games every night, eating until we felt like we were going to explode, exploring the islands, "whale-rolling" into the hot tub, eating pineapple at EVERY meal, winning Family Feud, being beach bums, and hanging out with a really fun group.

Since I don't have any pictures of any of that, I guess you'll just have to imagine us. Especially the "whale-rolling" into the hot tub. :)

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