Saturday, July 7, 2012


I have been having a lot of fun trying new things with my camera lately and this year I took it to the fireworks with me.  Warning:  picture overload!

This one is one of my favorites because of all the colors:

It sure has been fun trying new things!  :)

4th of July

The 4th of July is my second favorite holiday, just below the Christmas season.  I love that we live in a country where we are free and I am so grateful for that.  Every year Ben and I hop from one family get-together to the next.  This year we had a breakfast at my parents' house and then headed over to Kaysville's parade.

I always get slightly emotional when the Veterans pass.

I love the cute river dancers! :)

Halfway through we went over to hang out with the Lymans.

As we were leaving we caught a glimpse of the water section of the parade.

After the parade, we went over to Ben's sister's house for a BBQ and to play with the water toys.

Yes, that is Ben going down the slip-n-slide!

Then we ran over to a BBQ at my Grandpa Jack's house who has a gigantic yard that all the grandkids can play in.

I never asked who, but someone built a water tunnel for the kids to play in and it was so fun!

After that we went over to Davis High to check out the booths they had set up.  I was hoping for more of a carnival-feel (like Taylorsville Days - if you've never been, GO!  It's so fun!), but it was still fun.

After that we met up with a couple of friends for a little bit before we met up with the fam again for the fireworks started.  (My next post is about the fireworks).

We always have so much fun on the 4th and love spending time with the family.