Monday, April 12, 2010


During the first summer of our marriage, Ben did "fires." I'm pretty sure anyone who reads this already knows what "going on fire" means, except maybe a few of my friends... sorry, I tried explaining it but after I typed it and read it over, it made me confused as to what he did so I erased it haha.

Anyway, so last summer was really wet (compared to other years) so lucky for me, Ben didn't get called out too much. But one fire he did get called onto was one in Grantsville, Utah. That's right. Like 45 minutes away... So I tagged along! Kind of... I went to work during the day and a few of the evenings, I drove out there and had him show me what it was like.

Here are some pictures (keep in mind that this fire camp was set up in a high school parking lot - there was grass and cement and it was all very CLEAN. Ben said that camps are usually really hot, dusty, dirty and are miles off of any main roads. But I'm glad it was so close and clean because I got to take picture of what he did :)

This is the trailer that he worked and slept in

Those boxes that he's kneeling by are all full of phones that he can set up if they need him to.
Ben by the satellite dish that he set up
Ben said that this was called the "rack" or electronics case.
Looks easy enough, right?
I took this picture one of the first days so there weren't that many people there yet. But this is a couple of rows of trailers that were set up (i.e. the communications trailer, the logistics trailer, etc)
Gross... I actually didn't use these. At all. I drove to the gas station down the street. Haha I know I'm a wimp but these really gross me out. (I hope I didn't creep that guy out by taking this picture...)
Mobile showers
Backside of the mobile showers. It's really cool how these are set up.
Hand-washing station
Food line. I'm surprise how well they fed them - they served a ton of food!
This is actually not a very good picture of the tents that the firemen slept in. In the park across the street, there were TONS of tents set up everywhere.

So this might not have been interesting for anyone else to read, but I loved seeing all of the stuff he did and it was really cool to see this little "community" pop up in the middle of nowhere.

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