Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The beginning of what I'm sure is going to become an addiction...

Hello! Well, after practically stalking everyone else on their blogs (and a little coaxing from our friends and family members), I have decided to make a blog for me and Ben! I am now officially a blogger!!

I'm pretty sure that anyone who's going to read this already knows the basics about us, but just for fun-zees:

- Ben and I have been married 7 months and 1 week-ish :)

- Right now we're living in a basement apartment in Taylorsville and loving it! The ward is great and we love our callings. It's been fun going to FHE with the other couples in the ward our age and look forward to getting to know them better.

- I'm working at a building in Sugar House and the receptionist. It's been fun, but clearly I have a lot of time on my hands... Haha

- Ben is a full-time at SLCC and is having fun. His classes are really easy so we are enjoying a less stressful semester while we can!!

- One recent event: So Ben and I love hanging out with each other. If we could, we'd just spend all day at home and just laugh, hang out, etc. Anyway so for the past few days we've been, jokingly, trying to "get sick" so we don't have to go to work or school. One of us even said well lets just both get the Swine Flu and have to be quarantined to our house for two weeks! Anyway, so the last couple days Ben has felt sick (a VERY rare occasion) and last night and this morning I could feel that something was happening with my throat. So this usually wouldn't be a big deal except Eddie (Ben's brother) called him this morning and said that Libby (his daughter), who we happened to be with on Sunday, had been tested positive for Swine Flu. We knew we should be worried and pumping ourselves full of vitamins or something, but we couldn't help but laugh! Our wishes just might be coming true!! Haha I'm betting we don't have it, but I guess I'll have to blog about it in a few days and let you know what the verdict is ;)