Monday, April 12, 2010

First Apartment memories

Just documenting here. We took more pictures than this, but this is what I remember most about our first apartment:

Outside (second level)

Looking out that same window. Yes, those are our dying tomato plants and flowers. The patio got really really hot during the day and cooked our plants, making it hard to keep them alive. At least, that's what I tell myself - part of me thinks it might be the accidental plant-killer in me. Who knows.
I never decorated our bedroom. I figure why decorate if we're going to move in 6 months (which we did) Sweet red blanket thought, right? Who else thinks Ben should be a fan model?
I took this picture because I wanted to remind myself (when we buy a house) how important storage space is. We crammed all our stuff into one closet haha.
And yet the Ramen got it's very own cupboard...

We enjoyed out first apartment, but really really like the one we live in now. But we're glad we moved into that one because it helped us find the one we're in.

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