Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Lots of new stuff right now:
New year
New goals
New semester for Ben
New Wii from my parents for Christmas. We are loving it!!
New slippers from Ben. Love them as well :)
New WiiFit - so fun!
New sewing machine - well not really. Same one as always but finally got it fixed. Woot!
New cookbook - my awesome mom is almost done putting together an awesome cookbook with easy recipes that I grew up with. Can't wait to try them out! (P.S. thanks to all who commented on the cooking post, your ideas were all very helpful!)
New piano lessons - New? I guess not really new... I'm just starting them up again a week from today and I'm really excited
New job for Ben - if it works out with his schedule, Ben is going to have a math tutoring job at SLCC
New attitude - I've had a not-so-positive attitude lately about my lack of wifey skills. But they're not going to develop by me moping around so I'm gonna get tackle them and get them going! Taking the bull (cookbook) by the horns (by the covers)!
New piece of decor - I'll post a picture when I put it up. I love it.
Lots of new and lots of fun! :)

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Heidi said...

Libby Lou, I loved the past three posts! I completely feel the exact same way about being a wife...it is very hard! Gosh, who woulda known?! ANyway, good luck! I've now been married just over a year, and last week I messed up on PANCAKES!!! yes, the easiest thing. Oh, and mac and cheese didn't work out either. No joke. So...you rock!