Friday, January 8, 2010

I might just explode with crafty excitement

I'm going crazy...

with excitement!!!

I've been reading these women's blogs lately (I can't even remember how I got to them, but I'm happy I have found them!) and they have inspired me.

I've mostly been looking at and Both amazing blogs! They make crafts so cute and easy and the first one is especially fun to read.


I'm getting really excited all kinds of crafts and projects such as:
Sewing projects
Framed projects
Holiday crafts
Super cute clothes for little girls haha

BUT mostly I cannot wait to try out Mod Podge.
I smiled just typing the word!! Haha

Here are some picture of some of the projects I want to try (I know all of you pros out there will think these are silly but I'm just a beginner)

Cute "Woodland Fairy" costume that would actually be really easy to make.

Mod Podge Star

These are just normal shoes and the lady Mod Podged cuter fabric on. Oh my gosh. So cool.

This really caught my eye. Think of all the possibilities! (It's fabric, not a painting)

Love it. All of it.

These (above and below) are really cute little girls' dresses that I just thought were absolutely adorable. - The top one is made out of a bandana and the bottom one is made out of a dish towel :)

I just hope Ben doesn't see this post. He won't let me go to the store by myself!! Haha


Sadie said...

I love those sites too! I've tried my hand at a few things but never have enough time. Grrr... I especially love all the cute little girl stuff, but I haven't made anything recently.
Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Don't forget to share photos!

Ben and Sydney said...

Libby I love Mod Podge it is amazing!! And I know how to make those headbands! I learned how over Christmas break. Man I lived by you so I could have a crafty friend. If you even know who I am... haha

McKenzie said...

Very cute ideas! Thanks for sharing those links. We should start a neighborhood craft night and make some fun things.

Kristin said...

I LOVE Make It And Love It!!