Friday, January 15, 2010

Meal Adventures

I did it! I made a plan for all of the meals this month!

I kind of combined everyone's advice (thank you again). My swe-ot mom made a little cookbook of a bunch of easy recipes that she knew I would like, then I made a document in Excel that says what we're having, what ingredients are in it, and at the bottom there's a grocery shopping list letting me know what to get, how much to get, when to get it, etc. Exciting, huh?? Haha

Anyway, I think I'm going to post the exciting/funny/interesting meals and/or attempts at a meal on my blog. Pictures and stories to come :)


Riki Lee said...

Way to go!

Sadie said...

Keep it up Libby!! That's the first step. Can't wait to see all the stuff you try. Call me anytime if you are unsure about things in recipes or ingredients or whatever.

Heidi said...

You go girl :) I need this document! Who woulda known that computer tech would help a marriage? :)

Sarah B said...

Go Libby! I like you.