Friday, November 6, 2009

Our (incredibly long) update

So I think this blog is going to turn into my online journal. I love the idea of sharing our memories with our children later on, but I don't have the patience to sit down and write it all in a book haha. I think the majority of our blog (until we have kids) will consist of updates on our fam and random thoughts or comments about life and such.

- I have been (almost completely) consistently working out for the past month or so. (Everyone misses a day here and there, right?) I'm no marathon runner yet, but way better than nothing at all! Now all I need to work on is cooking more meals that are healthy. We do some, but that area of our diets could definitely use some improving. Especially since Ben's diet right now is Lunch: 3 Ramen, Dinner 3: Ramen, Late night snack: 2 Ramen. Okay, I'm kidding. But seriously... Haha

- Our scale didn't like all of the candy that I ate at Halloween. I actually don't think I ate that much on Saturday, but someone brought in all of their extra candy to work the next week and put it all on my desk. What was I supposed to do?

- I am currently picking up piano again. The Lyman girls have a little concert thing every Winter and K'Lyn invited me to play. It's been over a year since I've played so I'm really excited to start playing again. I don't know if I'll have something together in time for the concert thing (it's amazing how much basic stuff you forget) but, regardless, I'm really excited to start playing again! I love the piano and love having music in the house. ....And by house I mean small basement apartment haha.

- I LOVE Cafe Rio. Love it. Just throwing that out there

- Ben and I have gone on a walk a few times recently and I love it! It's one of my favorite things to do with Ben. He usually gets started talking about something and gets so excited that he'll let go of my hand and use both hands to explain what he's talking about. I love seeing him get so excited about everything :) The weather has been really really nice this weekend and I want to take him to this really pretty park/path/creek place that I drive by everyday. The leaves are just so gorgeous right now, I have to get some "family" pictures! Those will be posted on the next post :)

- Ben's school is still really easy. Every three weeks or so, He'll spend five or so hours getting caught up on all of the homework from all of the classes before all of the tests. We're so lucky that his schedule is so easy right now. Gives us time to go on cute walks! :)

- One of my favorite things to do in the morning (if I'm a little bit ahead of schedule) is to get back into bed and cuddle with Ben. It's so cute, and one of the only times I can get him to cuddle for that long. Haha he's not that into cuddling - which brings me to my next thing:

Okay, here comes the cheesy-ness (sp?) these next few are about Ben:
- I love Ben. I don't know why but ever since we've been married, I've turned into this psycho clingy weirdo that loves to cuddle. Haha so when I've been at work all day and miss him so much, I just want to come home and hug him or snuggle up next to him! Haha I know I sound super lame, but it's true! So I think it was OK with him for the first few days but I think after a while he couldn't handle it anymore. Too much cuddling for a man to handle. So, he's coined a new phrase: whenever it becoms too much to handle, he'll say "too much cute." Haha! Sometimes I'll purposefully hug him for a long time to see how long he can stand it ;)

- I work as the front receptionist for a building in Sugar House and always have a lot of time on my hands. I really don’t do much at work. I’d actually like to get a job that requires more of me and is a little more exciting, but I signed a year contract when I started so I guess I’m working here for another 7 months at least. Anyway, I wanted to write this down: Ben calls me every hour or so and I love it! After he wakes up he calls to tell me his dream, or whenever he gets out of a class or when I’m on lunch, we’ll talk on the phone. I absolutely love talking to him so much throughout the day :) I feel really silly though because everyone in the office is working hard and I’m here typing away on my blog and jabbering away on the phone. So sometimes I talk really quiet or only when no one else is around. I guess this isn’t really that exciting for anyone else to read about, but I wanted to type it up so I can look back later and remember how cute Ben is :)

- Last night Ben and I rearranged our main room in our apartment. We love it! I feel like it’s so much more home-y (I know I probably spelled that wrong, oh well) and I actually want to be in that room now. And, we borrowed a tall lamp from Ben’s parent’s house and we love having the softer light in that room. (The light on the ceiling is really harsh, bright lighting and makes a really loud buzzing noise when it’s on, so it's nice to have a quiet, peaceful room.) Our little room feels like a cozy home now! :) Special thanks to Brian and Marie for giving up their 3-piece desk/shelf/side table set, it’s perfect for our little home :) P.S. I had a lot of fun re-organizing the room and especially our storage room. I don’t know why but I LOVE organizing things. It makes me so happy to find a perfect fit or spot for something! I know, I’m a weirdo.

- Today is our 8 months anniversary. Woot!! Being married has been so fun! We are loving it! I did realize the other day though that we still haven’t picked our pictures for our wedding book or sent out Thank You cards for our wedding gifts. Is it too late to send that out? I’m sure people have forgotten what they gave us by now...

- Just one last thing. Earlier this week, Ben and I were talking one night and had a great conversation. We just can’t believe how blessed we are. I mean we both have great, supportive families that live close and are so fun to visit. We have a smoking deal on our cute little basement apartment. We both have cars. Neither of us are struggling with any huge health issues. I have a job and Ben is able to go to school. We have a really good ward with really fun callings. There is just to much to be grateful for! Maybe we felt this way because it’s November and Thanksgiving is coming up, but we are just feeling so blessed and are so grateful for everything!

Wow… this blog has turned out really really really long… Well, clearly I’m not a very good blogger – like I said, it’s more of a “journal entry.” I’ll do my best to shorten up the next one ;)


Libby said...

Oh my gosh. Every time I look at this post I get embarassed at how long it is! :S

Kenz said...


I love stalking your blog. Miss you :)

Riki Lee said...

I read every single word - It's good to get to know you better. I love cuddling too, and I have to point blank say to Daniel sometimes, "Cuddle with me" just out of the blue. He's good to oblige me. :)

Sadie said...

This was a great post Libby. For some weird reason most of us humans love catching a glimpse into other people's lives and that's why reading blogs is so fun... and addicting. Keep it up. You'll appreciate it later, and we appreciate it now. ;)
P.S. All that newly wed talk was nauseating.... ha, ha j/k It's great that you're so in love still.

Sarah B said...

Have a baby soon please.

McKenzie said...

Eeeh.... I only ended up sending out about 1/2 of my wedding thank yous. I hope that people forgot about mine too! We are grateful you are in the ward and liking your callings. We're glad to have you!!

Ben and Sydney said...

Ha I don't know how I found your blog... Well actually I do.. From Taylor and Heidi's. But anyway. That is so cute and I totally feel the same way about so many things so it was making me laugh so hard. I too am a cuddly weirdo. I too love going on walks with my husband (who weirdly enough is also named ben). and I too love organizing things. You guys seem cute and I'm happy for you :)

MARIE said...

I'm so glad you love the desk. And guess what??? I LOVE organizing things, too. Like REALLy love organizing things. You and I are a lot alike. ( : I love the saying "too much cute". I think it's cute. ( ;