Thursday, November 19, 2009

Impulse-buying = bad idea

So, I have a confession. I LOVE Christmas but I think that A LOT of the Christmas decorations I see at stores and such are super tacky. Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh and/or picky, I dunno...

Anyway, I ran to Smith's last night to pick up a prescription and thought it would be harmless to go down the "Seasonal" aisle just to check things out (I guess that was my first mistake: thinking that I could find something that would be my "style" down the Smith's aisle) There were a few really cute things but they were all really expensive. Anyway, after a lot of really annoying flashing stuff I saw a box of small ornaments that I thought were super cute. AND they were pretty cheap too! So, I told myself "Well if you're gonna buy ornaments, you need a little tree right?" So I picture in my head a cute little tree that would make our little home Christmas-y. Naturally, they had a cheap little tree next to the ornaments and I bought it. Looking back I think I was just excited that I was buying our first Christmas tree (I even called Ben to tell him the fun news!) Now I realize that I should never buy something within the first ten minutes of seeing it. I think from now on, I actually might even just leave and sleep on it and if I wake up and just can't live without it, I'll go back and buy it.

Lessons learned:
1. Don't buy Christmas decorations at Smith's (the cheap ones, at least)
2. Don't go cheap on decor. I realize that there are some good deals and sometimes cheap, super cute stuff, but I think the cute stuff - ya know, the stuff you'll still like when you get home from the store? - will probably cost more

I know that I could probably make cute decorations or search a little more, last night was just an impulse-buying disaster. :( I actually think I'll keep the ornaments. They're really cute. Just not on the tree... Go figure

P.S. It was so horrible that I couldn't even post a picture. In fact, every time I look into that room, I cringe a little lol. I'm probably being too dramatic and I'm sorry for being so negative on my blog, but I was just so bummed that I failed so miserably on our first Christmas tree. So sad... Haha


McKenzie said...

You are so funny. It can't be that bad can it? I think your strategy for avoiding impulse buys is a good idea. I might have to try that too!

Clint & Danny said...

We had zero christmas decorations our first christmas together, i couldnt justify spending full price so me & my mom went to the day after sales at Target & Tai Pan & we scored BIG! i seriously suggest doing that, i spent about $100 at each place & we had full carts! Everything was atleast 50% off if not more.

Mark said...
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Mark said...

I've done my fair share of impulse buying, and sure I regretted some of it, but I got over it. Besides, most stores have some sort of return policy.