Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Showers

My families were so nice and threw me a couple of baby showers for this little guy.  Both of them were so cute and perfect!  The whole time during both of them, I couldn't stop thinking how great the whole idea of a baby shower is.  Everyone was so nice to start us out with so much help.

The first shower was an open house that my mom and sisters threw for my side of the family and my friends.  You can't really tell from the photo, but she sewed on those little flags.  So cute!
(Thanks, Sarah!)

I loved everything, it was perfect!  Great company and yummy food.  :)  I brought my camera to take pictures but quickly realized that both of my batteries were dead.  I asked my mom to take a couple of pictures with her iPad to document:

My best friend from high school, Haley.

I was bummed I forgot to charge my batteries but was glad she got the couple of pictures.

The next shower was an open house that my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law threw.  It looked like something off of Pinterest!  They did a nautical theme (I'm thinking that's what I'll do in our little guy's nursery when we move to the new house) and it was so cute.
(Thanks, Marie for the cute invitations and letting us borrow your cute decor!)

I am in LOVE with nautical right now so I took a billion pictures before everyone got there:

Fruit pizza bar (with sugar cookies):

Cute party favors (thanks, Riki!):

One of my favorite parts was that a couple of my sisters-in-law made these onesies.  I had seen this on Pinterest before and was SO excited when I saw them!  You use the onesies to document your baby's growth by month.  (Thanks, Sadie and Amy!)

Riki was nice enough to snap a few pictures of the guests during the shower:

I was so grateful that my families took so much time and made such an effort to plan these showers.  They were perfect and Ben and I were overwhelmed with all of the gifts and how generous people are!


Sadie said...

IT was so fun, and you look absolutely fantastic. I still am thinking you have 2 or 3 more months... not weeks. You're so tiny! Can't wait to see you as a momma.
I'm going to steal a few pictures to post on my blog too.

Drew Watts said...

It seems like an outstanding baby shower and food was delectable. I also attended such a stunning baby shower recently at one of the LA event venues and the games were so enjoyable over there. The décor was stunning and I loved the Mexican buffet a lot.

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